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Posted On September 24, 2010

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Recently I’ve started to use twitter again ( if anyone’s interested!) and found that several online jewellers had started to follow me. So naturally I was a bit curious and decided to check out a few of their websites, a particular one that caught my eye was who sell lovely handmade and vintage pieces.

This ‘Fly Me To The Sky’  hot air balloon pendant is one of my favourite items but is unfortunately now sold out! Much to my dismay. But all is not lost (!) I also like the vintage-look cameo necklaces and brooches and there is a really unique diving helmet pendant which looks like the real deal as it’s made from brass and copper and looks exactly like the antique one we have at work. (work at a second hand and antique place, I know, I am too cool.)

Another jewellery site is which I actually found out about because one of my favourite lookbookers Kayla H did a little bit of modelling for them. Pretty much all of their jewellery is eco-friendly and is made from bamboo wood. My favourite item is an upright owl ring which also has a tiny heart engraved on it, if you don’t already know I love owls! They also have a funky I ❤ Tea ring which I think (even though I don’t drink tea) is pretty cool, and a perfect gift for someone who does actually drink tea. I kind of wish I did love tea just so I could justify wearing this ring….

The last jewellery site I care to mention is which has a huge selection and I would definitely recommend having a look at if you want something a bit different! I couldn’t mention all of my favourites because there are too many to list! So I have narrowed down to a small (ahem) 4 items.

The first of which is a fully functioning alarm clock pendant. The whole pocket watch pendant look has been on trend for a while now, which I think could be due to the Alice In Wonderland film hype which resulted in mass Alice In Wonderland themed merchandise (which don’t get me wrong was awesome as I love a bit of nostalgia any day.) Anyway, I think that this is a unique twist on the trend, I love the vintage alarm clock look with the bells! There is also a cuckoo clock pendant which I also think is really quirky although it doesn’t function, it’s just for show!

The next item is a hand-crafted brass duck bracelet with the mummy in front and the babies following! This is probably my most favoured item but at £30 and with me trying to save money it might have to be put on my birthday list! Again, it is another very special item that everyone will be asking about. Another favourite is a two-fingered ring with a bird on each shank, I have seen the two-fingered rings around recently and really like them! I thought they might be a little restrictive but they’re not at all, however this is the first one I have come across that the design actually appeals to me. The only others that I have seen are a bit tacky to say the least (silver stars and glitter etc) so this one is yet another piece my beady eye is set on!

AND since it’s Friday, loveheartscrosses has 10% off! Now there’s no excuse not to buy!

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Posted On September 23, 2010

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Have  acquired eight out of fifteen items on my wish list! (With a little help from my friend eBay)

I’m hoping to pick a few things up when I go over to the UK in October… Hello Topshop/UO/H&M/Primark! With any luck I’m sure I’ll be able to source a few bargains, I also can’t wait to look in a few of the vintage and second-hand stores in Brighton (brother and father allowing!)

I’d love to get some unique bits and bobs, but also I am in desperate need of this bunny rabbit ring from Primark, it’s about £2 but it is too cute not to have in my possession! As shown in this lookbook look…

Nails cont…

Posted On September 23, 2010

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After having painted my nails in ‘button moon’ I have decided to leopard print them!

I saw this done by and I had to try it! The leopard print was easily achieved by dotting the darker blue on in little spots, then using liquid eyeliner to create the black edges. I used two or three small lines to create the edges of the print. Afterwards you can just finish off with a clear top coat to seal everything.

I loved this funky ‘nail-art’  look but when I went to work the next day I was kind of conscious of posh old people looking down upon my lovely nails, I’m sure they were only jealous!

It’s been a while!

Posted On September 23, 2010

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Unfortunately my laptop has been out of action for a few weeks and so this is the first time I’ve been able to blog in ages!

I was hoping to change my blog from wordpress to blogspot instead but I can’t seem to make one because I don’t have a gmail account or something? Bad times. I thought that since most fashion blogs are on blogger it would be a better option but hey, I’ll make do for now.

Expect lots of updates to make up for lost time!

button moon

Posted On September 2, 2010

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I took this photo so that I could do a two-in-one post today! This cute red heart brooch is a little something that I received in the post yesterday from, you guessed it, Ebay. It was a mere 60p (not including p&p), which makes it the biggest bargain I have won on the site. I think it will brighten up an otherwise boring outfit by giving it a pop of colour, I also like the size and the fact that it is enamel which makes it seem more modern in my opinion.

I also made sure that you could see my nails in this picture. I really like matte nail varnishes at the moment, and am currently on the look out for a nude coloured matte polish. I have acquired a rather large collection as of late and this pastel blue has to be one of my favourites. It is shade 33 ‘button moon,’ which I think is such a cute name! It is Collection 2000 ‘hot looks’ from Boots and is only about £1.60, I originally bought a varnish from this brand because I had a few points left on my advantage card but soon realised that it is actually a great nail varnish for such a low price. Just dab on a couple of coats and then voila! Great colour, long lasting with minimal chipping.

Two tone tights and wedges

Posted On August 30, 2010

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As you may know if you have seen my A/W wishlist, I have been hunting down a pair of two tone tights and have found these. I was hoping to find some black and white block coloured ones but I found these in new look for £1.50! To add to this good luck, when I got to the till they were further marked down to £1-I love it when that happens. It’s only 50p but that could buy a bag of crisps, you know!

This then brings me to the wedges. I had seen wedges around before of course but this particular pair caught my eye. Yes, I am boring when it comes to shoes, most of my heels are black, but this just makes them all the more versatile in my opinion. I assumed, stupidly, that since they were wedges they would be easy to walk in-whoever told me that is a liar! I had to buy heel grips and even then my feet had a habit of slipping out occasionally as I walked along, I presume it could be because I have narrow feet? I also love the faux suede material, I have several other pairs of shoes in this material too, they may not be the most practical in the rain but they do make a statement! Perfect for any winter indoors function!

I chose Daisy Lowe

Posted On August 28, 2010

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I took the plunge and cut a full fringe. (Apologies for the rubbish webcam photo!) My plan all along was to cut a fringe for winter and dye my hair black, I know it has come a bit early (august) but I felt I really needed a change. As for dying my hair I decided that dark brown probably looks a bit ‘warmer’ and will hopefully go with autumn’s nudes, camels, rust and khaki kind of colours with any luck!

I would definitely reccomend having a full fringe cut if you are in need of a bit of a change, whether it’s a wispy one or a chunky block, you will feel like you have a complete new look. I cut mine myself (inspired by Daisy Lowe of course…) so I am hoping that it is straight enough! If you do decide to get scissor happy then you need to invest in some proper hairdressing scissors or else your hair could get damaged on the ends – Let’s face it, noone wants a frizzy fringe.

ebay lovely

Posted On August 25, 2010

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I often seem to mention ebay but I had to share this fabulous top I received in the post recently. It’s vintage american apparel- a shop we don’t have in Guernsey! I just love it, I was sat there with my nose pressed against the screen to make sure that no-one else outbidded me in the last few seconds, in the end I got it for £5 which I think is a bit of a steal!

I was hoping to buy some kind of bralet to wear underneath so that the material was sheer over my stomach but low and behold there are none to be found on the island and so I might just make do with a little camisole top. My favourite part of the top is the detail around the bottom which is so delicate and the way the top hangs is lovely too.

The only thing is, I am yet to wear it because I really don’t know how to since it’s quite long on me and wearing something with pocket detail on the front just seems to ruin the embroidery on the bottom. Not to mention the fact that I’m going out in full winter gear… Here’s hoping that we get some last minute sun before winter really does take it’s course!

Style schizophrenia

Posted On August 25, 2010

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I often find myself torn between two styles and am never sure which one is really me.

One side wants to dye my hair black, cut myself a Daisy Lowe fringe and rock the fashion junkie look, whereas the other wants to wear pretty ‘girl next door’ Jennifer Anniston style clothing. Opting for jeans, a ‘nice top’ and ballerina pumps instead of bold prints and my beloved military boots.

Is this because I can’t be bothered some days? Or am I just confused between how I want to portray myself?  Afterall, fashion and clothing is what instantly gives a person their first impression of you, they will judge you upon what you are wearing and will automatically assume your personality fits the way you are dressed.

I think that people should always stay true to themselves, they should wear what they want to without a hasty judgement being made about them. For example, my boyfriend is always saying that brogues and boots are ‘man shoes’ and that he doesn’t want to be seen in public when I am wearing them… Harsh?! Similarly when I point out certain clothes he tells me they are ‘hideous,’ however I wear them anyway of course and he always, without fail, will go back on his word. This shows that you should always wear what you like and not dress to please others!

A/W Wishlist

Posted On August 16, 2010

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1. Black velvet blazer.

2. Tartan shorts.

3. Panelled jeans.

4. Shearling/fur-lined boots.

5. Leotard body (not a plain one though!)

6. Jodhpur style trousers… I’ve actually seen some nice ones in next.

7. Tapestry bag.

8. Brown brogues since I still am yet to buy a pair.

9. Bralet.

10. Two tone tights.

11. Vertical stripe tights.

12. Mac  lipstick in ‘lady danger.’

13. Chunky knit, over the knee grey socks.

14. Peach cable knit jumper.

15. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.

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