Ombre? Fox? Red?

Posted On November 26, 2010

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Lately I’ve been feeling like I need a change in the hair department. My hair has been the same colour and (pretty much) the same length since I was about 10. Fringes have come and gone but it’s always been long, brown and boring.

I’d love to try ombre hair but when I’ve mentioned this to people they have said it just looks like you have just left the roots grow out in a terrible trampy manner. Hmm. I was hoping to achieve more of an Olsen sister vibe but hey. I also have the problem that my hair is dark brown (some would say black) so can’t really go blonde on the ends without looking like a dirty prostitute. So the other option is to go a lighter brown on the ends but I have a feeling if I got the dye wrong it would just be a complete mess. My hair is also not as long as I would have preferred but my view is that if I do this and it goes wrong, I can always cut off the ends and then go red! … and if all fails go black all over.

Ashlee Simpson seems to pull off ombre hair amazingly though! Even though she too has very dark roots. Not going to lie, I also went on paint and drew some black eyebrows in to see if it would also look ok with black eyebrows and it does. Result! (P.s Ashlee is another celeb that shares my birthday, coincidence?)

My next option is to stay a bit more true to my roots (PUN INTENDED) and go a little bit vampy like Megan Fox. I mean, I know I’m lacking in the bright blue eyes, delicate bone structure and fab pout but I think this is probably one of the more realistic styles I could go for without ruining my hair and my life. Would probably dye my dark brown almost black hair to full black for this one.

Then last but not least there is the precarious reddish hair that I would love to try out. I would cut my hair shoulder length for this and then dye it but the problem is the black eyebrows really. I would much prefer a dark red kind of tinge as opposed to Cheryl Cole red but that’s the thing, I’ll never know exactly what shade of red it will come out as! Scary Stuff! I think I shall go for ombre hair (if I can decide between blonde tips or brown!) failing that, red, failing that, BLACK.


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