Gavin Rossdale

Posted On November 22, 2010

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So there’s something I hadn’t heard about, Gavin Rossdale had a bit of gay experimentation and didn’t tell Gwen. Never saw that coming! But each to their own of course, as he said, “you have to know what you like.” Know that’s a bit off the topic of fashion but I had a major I HEART GWEN STEFANI phase with ‘Rich Girl’ and ‘What you waiting for’ on her first solo album a few years back… Now it’s turned into me wanting L.A.M.B clothing and Harajuku lovers perfume.

Now listening to a bit of ‘What You Waiting For?’ right now for nostalgia. She was so the first person to recreate Alice in Wonderland from that video! None of this Alice mania that’s around now ’cause of Tim Burton! I do really want to see that film still though in all honesty.

But yeah, serious love for Gwen! I remember really really wanting all her amazing outfits when I was about 12.

I still really do. Plus we have the same b-day soo.. 3rd of October guys!


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