Posted On November 19, 2010

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Ok, so I know I’ve been awol recently but I am now lots of stressful things are out the way, all I need to do is sit back and wait for uni offers to come in (hint, hint, if Exeter uni is reading this.)

I’m still kind of hoping to re locate to blogger as wordpress isn’t really for the younger fashion bloggers and is more for old people who like to rant and perhaps for people to blog about cake recipes.

So anyway, recently I have bought lots of new clothes as I went away in October to England but unfortunately the only shop I went in was primark. I was really hoping to go to topshop and UO but to no avail. boo.  I bought lots of rings which I hope to take a photograph of when it is actually daylight, unfortunately the fact that it gets dark at around 4 makes that difficult!

My favourite most recent purchase was this deer tshirt from new look.. I really really like the whole forest-animals-on-clothing thing and this was the only deer I could find as ideally I would have wanted a stag jumper from topperz but beggars can’t be choosers… Also it’s the smallest picture ever, sorry. I also have my beady eyes on about 4 coats from new look. I’m not usually a huge fan of buying all new look due to the fact that everyone in Guernsey seems to wear new look only but I’m quite a fan of their coats this winter.

I also love this gorgeous dark green velvet (yes I have a huge velvet obsession) skirt from River Island which absolutely must be in my possession. I am hoping my brother might get it for me for Christmas since I have asked for it very nicely, but he says he can’t be bothered to go through the whole ship2me thing. He is obviously such a scrooge! However I might be doing him a favor on Saturday and going up and buying an 18 rated game since he is only 15… So I may use this as blackmail later if things don’t work out. What a cleverly worked out plan… we shall see when I open my present at Christmas! Or before that if I decide to go feeling presents beforehand. Which I clearly will not do seeing as I am now an adult.



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