Posted On October 6, 2010

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I was hoping to be updating more frequently but unfortunately have had a bit of bloggers block as of late! It’s also been a bit busy what with my 18th (I’m hoping to do an ’18 post’ soon but want to take photos and the weather is rubbish) and also with my driving test tomorrow! I’m really hoping that I pass (obviously) since I have been driving for about a year, and also because my instructor just told me that the mean examiner is actually on holiday. So hopefully this means that I am in with a better chance of passing, it’s not that my driving is terrible, (ahem) I just have difficulty reversing…

Anyway, I know this photo quality is awful (taken in the dark) but I have been wanting to mention these shoes for a while now. They were in the sale, £50 down to £23, and I loved them when they were full price but now I have them I can’t pluck up the courage to wear them! They are so so high that I am literally scared of breaking my ankle, so they are obviously a bit inappropriate for school. But at the same time, I can’t wear them to go out really because of the colour, I’m more of a ‘black for evening’ kind of person.

That being said, I really like the fact that they are wooden heeled and I also think that paired with socks they look bang on trend for this autumn. I’m more keen on long, knee length socks at the moment because I think that the ankle socks that everyone seems to be wearing can sometimes give the appearance of short, stumpy legs. This is something that I can quite honestly do without seeing as my legs aren’t exactly long!


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