Guernsey Arts&Crafts Fayre

Posted On September 27, 2010

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So last Friday my mother and I went to the arts and crafts fayre at Beau Sejour to have a little nose around. To be honest, I didn’t really expect much, it is Guernsey after all. But I was pleasantly surprised! There were first some food stalls selling fudge and curry (of all things) when you first walk in, then when you got inside there was lots of other stalls. These included lots of jewellery stands, crystal nail files, (yes, I did buy one) and then other things like photography, woodwork and other fair trade type things.

I ended up buying not one but THREE berets. It’s been arranged that I paid for one then and then my family will give me another one for my birthday (18 this Sunday!) And then another for Christmas. The other two colours are a darkish red and a mustard yellow. FYI I wouldn’t actually wear a beret like this, it’s just so you can see the little top bit. It’s also grey, I didn’t mention that before.

The other things I bought were some really unusual rings for £1 each, I’m not sure how long they will last before the beads get caught on something but for now I think they are lovely! I got three in a few different sizes and colours. We also decided to get two “lucky bags” which contained a bit of ribbon with a couple of sequins on and then a little bracelet with 3 beads on! Obviously would keep a child happy but we were expecting something a little more substantial for a whole pound.


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