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Posted On September 24, 2010

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Recently I’ve started to use twitter again ( if anyone’s interested!) and found that several online jewellers had started to follow me. So naturally I was a bit curious and decided to check out a few of their websites, a particular one that caught my eye was who sell lovely handmade and vintage pieces.

This ‘Fly Me To The Sky’  hot air balloon pendant is one of my favourite items but is unfortunately now sold out! Much to my dismay. But all is not lost (!) I also like the vintage-look cameo necklaces and brooches and there is a really unique diving helmet pendant which looks like the real deal as it’s made from brass and copper and looks exactly like the antique one we have at work. (work at a second hand and antique place, I know, I am too cool.)

Another jewellery site is which I actually found out about because one of my favourite lookbookers Kayla H did a little bit of modelling for them. Pretty much all of their jewellery is eco-friendly and is made from bamboo wood. My favourite item is an upright owl ring which also has a tiny heart engraved on it, if you don’t already know I love owls! They also have a funky I ❤ Tea ring which I think (even though I don’t drink tea) is pretty cool, and a perfect gift for someone who does actually drink tea. I kind of wish I did love tea just so I could justify wearing this ring….

The last jewellery site I care to mention is which has a huge selection and I would definitely recommend having a look at if you want something a bit different! I couldn’t mention all of my favourites because there are too many to list! So I have narrowed down to a small (ahem) 4 items.

The first of which is a fully functioning alarm clock pendant. The whole pocket watch pendant look has been on trend for a while now, which I think could be due to the Alice In Wonderland film hype which resulted in mass Alice In Wonderland themed merchandise (which don’t get me wrong was awesome as I love a bit of nostalgia any day.) Anyway, I think that this is a unique twist on the trend, I love the vintage alarm clock look with the bells! There is also a cuckoo clock pendant which I also think is really quirky although it doesn’t function, it’s just for show!

The next item is a hand-crafted brass duck bracelet with the mummy in front and the babies following! This is probably my most favoured item but at £30 and with me trying to save money it might have to be put on my birthday list! Again, it is another very special item that everyone will be asking about. Another favourite is a two-fingered ring with a bird on each shank, I have seen the two-fingered rings around recently and really like them! I thought they might be a little restrictive but they’re not at all, however this is the first one I have come across that the design actually appeals to me. The only others that I have seen are a bit tacky to say the least (silver stars and glitter etc) so this one is yet another piece my beady eye is set on!

AND since it’s Friday, loveheartscrosses has 10% off! Now there’s no excuse not to buy!

(all images are property of respective sites/shops)


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