Two tone tights and wedges

Posted On August 30, 2010

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As you may know if you have seen my A/W wishlist, I have been hunting down a pair of two tone tights and have found these. I was hoping to find some black and white block coloured ones but I found these in new look for £1.50! To add to this good luck, when I got to the till they were further marked down to £1-I love it when that happens. It’s only 50p but that could buy a bag of crisps, you know!

This then brings me to the wedges. I had seen wedges around before of course but this particular pair caught my eye. Yes, I am boring when it comes to shoes, most of my heels are black, but this just makes them all the more versatile in my opinion. I assumed, stupidly, that since they were wedges they would be easy to walk in-whoever told me that is a liar! I had to buy heel grips and even then my feet had a habit of slipping out occasionally as I walked along, I presume it could be because I have narrow feet? I also love the faux suede material, I have several other pairs of shoes in this material too, they may not be the most practical in the rain but they do make a statement! Perfect for any winter indoors function!


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