Style schizophrenia

Posted On August 25, 2010

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I often find myself torn between two styles and am never sure which one is really me.

One side wants to dye my hair black, cut myself a Daisy Lowe fringe and rock the fashion junkie look, whereas the other wants to wear pretty ‘girl next door’ Jennifer Anniston style clothing. Opting for jeans, a ‘nice top’ and ballerina pumps instead of bold prints and my beloved military boots.

Is this because I can’t be bothered some days? Or am I just confused between how I want to portray myself?  Afterall, fashion and clothing is what instantly gives a person their first impression of you, they will judge you upon what you are wearing and will automatically assume your personality fits the way you are dressed.

I think that people should always stay true to themselves, they should wear what they want to without a hasty judgement being made about them. For example, my boyfriend is always saying that brogues and boots are ‘man shoes’ and that he doesn’t want to be seen in public when I am wearing them… Harsh?! Similarly when I point out certain clothes he tells me they are ‘hideous,’ however I wear them anyway of course and he always, without fail, will go back on his word. This shows that you should always wear what you like and not dress to please others!


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