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Posted On August 25, 2010

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I often seem to mention ebay but I had to share this fabulous top I received in the post recently. It’s vintage american apparel- a shop we don’t have in Guernsey! I just love it, I was sat there with my nose pressed against the screen to make sure that no-one else outbidded me in the last few seconds, in the end I got it for £5 which I think is a bit of a steal!

I was hoping to buy some kind of bralet to wear underneath so that the material was sheer over my stomach but low and behold there are none to be found on the island and so I might just make do with a little camisole top. My favourite part of the top is the detail around the bottom which is so delicate and the way the top hangs is lovely too.

The only thing is, I am yet to wear it because I really don’t know how to since it’s quite long on me and wearing something with pocket detail on the front just seems to ruin the embroidery on the bottom. Not to mention the fact that I’m going out in full winter gear… Here’s hoping that we get some last minute sun before winter really does take it’s course!


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