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Posted On August 2, 2010

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No sooner have we started to dabble our toes in the heat of the summer, we are faced with mid July sales and autumn/winter 2010 collections, has no one realised that we still have the whole of August left over?

However, I’m not complaining, I do enjoy a bit of sun but I must admit, I do prefer winter clothing to summer. I don’t know why exactly but I’ve always loved boots, thick tights, layering and coats. Not to mention all of the different materials you can wear, for example velvet, woolly jumpers and cardigans, (faux) fur and just about anything cosy.

I do like floaty fabric and floral dresses but there is just so much more selection when it comes to winter warmers, I feel that everyone seems to wear similar things during the summer, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops that it is difficult to be individual. My love for winter clothing could also be due to the fact that I seem to own vast amounts of jumpers and cardigans, about 40 I think, and that is not an exaggeration! Whereas my summer dresses seem to total about 5. Probably something to do with the fact that even if it’s summer in Guernsey, you will always find yourself shivering on the beach after the warmest of summer days (which are few and far between.)

I recently went onto and saw some lovely tasters of their autumn/winter collection; these are a few of my favourite items I came across when browsing…

I love this cute twist on the LBD, the bows remind me of butterflies which makes the perfect transition from summer through to the autumn. A perfect 18th birthday party dress.

This bag, designed by Mischa Barton, is simply gorgeous, an interesting take on the popular tapestry design handbags, using velvet instead. This shoulder bag is to die for!

These tights give the illusion of suspenders, which is a nice alternative to the real deal! You could easily wear your skirt above the top of the ‘stocking’ as shown in the picture if you were feeling daring but the tights could also substitute for your usual winter black opaques. 


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