Posted On July 27, 2010

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lookbook.nu is my new favourite website. It works by people from all over the world uploading pictures of their favourite outfits, some are very unusual and others are styles that can be worn day to day. The idea of the website is to give other people inspiration for their own outfits and if you are a member of the site you can “hype” peoples looks to help promote looks that particularly stand out to you. I already have my own favourite few ‘lookbookers’ and hope to try and be invited soon as it is invite only!

As I said before, people all over the world post their looks which is very interesting as it shows you how people in different countries dress if you have never visited before. Vintage fashion is something else that a lot of people on lookbook choose to dress in, combining a mixture of vintage and modern clothing to create a unique statement. In a few cases, people have also chosen to either make their own clothes or accessories, or have customised various items which I think is very creative and again helps you to gain that unique style.

Check it out!


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