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Posted On July 21, 2010

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I intended to go into town specifically for moisturiser and only for moisturiser, the bare essentials because recently my bank balance has been straining over the frequent summer spending sprees, I told myself. As I walked down the high street, I slowly turned to look over my right shoulder for what had captured my avid attention was that big red and white sign we all love and sometimes hate to see displayed in a shop window. SALE.

I hurried inside the shop, excitement stirring to see which items had been placed in the sale, if they were my size, and more importantly, how much had they been reduced? After thoroughly scouring the rails I took an armful over to the counter. But wait. To the right of the counter was a jewellery sale stand, earrings, necklace and a hair band all went on top of my increasing pile of clothes.

Another method of shopping that traps you in sale mania is shopping websites, I recently logged onto and was kindly greeted by the words ‘Final Reductions.’ Of course, this prompted me into a bargain hunting frenzy, in which I purchased two dresses, two skirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of tights and a bangle for the small sum of £59! Which I’m sure you’ll agree is peanuts considering the original prices of some of the things, including a dress reduced from £55 to a measly £14, excellent.

You see, the thing about bargain hunting is that it gives you that buzz, we all get it. We eagerly look at our receipts and the original tags on the items and see how much we’ve have saved, and of course ferret away these items usually until next summer or next winter. My mother and I frequently show each other what treasures we have found in the sales and exchange tips on where has got the best sales and when. I’m certain that I will find my bargain hunting skills on her side on the gene pool, like mother like daughter as they say!

I must confess, I would rarely think of buying clothing or jewellery at full prices anymore, unless the item was especially stunning. I always know that it is most likely to be in the sale in a few weeks time which is probably a sensible idea because to me, a top priced at £7 is much more attractive than one priced at a large £25 (over half my weekly wages I hasten to add.)

If it’s meant to be for you, then it will always be in the sale a few weeks later, that’s my motto!


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