‘Tinkerbell Syndrome’

Posted On July 19, 2010

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I was reading the issue of  ‘you’ magazine that comes with the Daily Mail yesterday, and there was an article about female celebrities who are 5″3 or under. The article was entitled ‘Tinkerbell Syndrome’ and said that shorter women are more likely to be more ruthless in their quest to get attention. Celebrities that were listed included Kylie Minogue who is a tiny 5″ which astonished me because I always thought of her as being quite a tall and curvaceous, not to mention Lady Gaga who is only 5″1! Another woman who has always struck me as being tall and confident. Nothing to do with those 10 inch heels of course… Anyway, this article just intrigued me (being a short 5″3) because of the fact that height doesn’t matter for these women, they still got noticed, became famous and people simply disregard how tall they are and have focused on their talents, which is great news for us shorties! I have always associated fame and attention with tall graceful women but this article shows how everyone can be equal when it comes to height. Good things come in small packages as they say!


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