Ebay love.

Posted On July 5, 2010

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I would like to blame my ebay addiction firstly on my mother as I watched her spend hours on the site looking and bidding on ‘beads I’m going to make something with.’ So I decided I would have a snoop around the clothing and quickly realised that you can find pretty much whatever you like on it!

It’s like going to a secondhand or charity shop and being able to search for and find exactly what you want, amazing. (There is the small problem of shipping to the channel islands but a topshop skirt for 99p is an offer you just cannot refuse.)

Not only is there lots of secondhand clothing but there is also just about everything you care to imagine, not to mention absolutely gorgeous vintage clothes! The only problem is that when you have your heart set on something (a beautiful, vintage green jacket with black velvet buttons in my case) and there are also other bidders who obviously also have their hearts set on the very same item, you find yourself bidding extortionate amounts and then-like the jacket- you get outbid in the last few seconds. Leaving you distraught and searching for a similar item but to no avail!

Despite this, ebay is definitely one to add to the ever growing list of shopping websites I now have accounts on…


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