Clever Clogs?

Posted On July 2, 2010

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To buy or not to buy? On one hand, they are the perfect shoe choice this year, a clompy contrast to the lace, ribbon and silky, romantic fabrics that EVERYONE now seems to be wearing.

However, is it just me or do they remind you of those plastic monstrosities that go by the name of  ‘crocs?’ Awful. Not to mention the ’90’s kid’ patent pink clogs with yellow flowers which have made an appearance in many a photograph of my childhood.

It’s true, indie goddess Alexa Chung seems to pull them off impeccably with her endlessly long limbs, but somehow I don’t think a scrawny 5″2 like myself could. Seven year old walking round in mummy’s shoes springs to mind… Nonetheless, I have spotted a gorgeous poppy red suede pair by Chanel (too expensive for my small-part-time-job-budget though, boo.)

Verdict: Grow 5 inches.


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