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Posted On December 8, 2010

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I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and move over to use blogger instead of wordpress. Although at the moment I am getting even more views than ever on this one!

My new blog is

I already find it so much easier to navigate, better for interacting with others and it also includes a lot more fashion blogs which are much more easily accessible than on wordpress.

I would reccomend to anyone who is thinking of starting a blog to start on blogger!



Posted On November 30, 2010

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Ombre? Fox? Red?

Posted On November 26, 2010

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Lately I’ve been feeling like I need a change in the hair department. My hair has been the same colour and (pretty much) the same length since I was about 10. Fringes have come and gone but it’s always been long, brown and boring.

I’d love to try ombre hair but when I’ve mentioned this to people they have said it just looks like you have just left the roots grow out in a terrible trampy manner. Hmm. I was hoping to achieve more of an Olsen sister vibe but hey. I also have the problem that my hair is dark brown (some would say black) so can’t really go blonde on the ends without looking like a dirty prostitute. So the other option is to go a lighter brown on the ends but I have a feeling if I got the dye wrong it would just be a complete mess. My hair is also not as long as I would have preferred but my view is that if I do this and it goes wrong, I can always cut off the ends and then go red! … and if all fails go black all over.

Ashlee Simpson seems to pull off ombre hair amazingly though! Even though she too has very dark roots. Not going to lie, I also went on paint and drew some black eyebrows in to see if it would also look ok with black eyebrows and it does. Result! (P.s Ashlee is another celeb that shares my birthday, coincidence?)

My next option is to stay a bit more true to my roots (PUN INTENDED) and go a little bit vampy like Megan Fox. I mean, I know I’m lacking in the bright blue eyes, delicate bone structure and fab pout but I think this is probably one of the more realistic styles I could go for without ruining my hair and my life. Would probably dye my dark brown almost black hair to full black for this one.

Then last but not least there is the precarious reddish hair that I would love to try out. I would cut my hair shoulder length for this and then dye it but the problem is the black eyebrows really. I would much prefer a dark red kind of tinge as opposed to Cheryl Cole red but that’s the thing, I’ll never know exactly what shade of red it will come out as! Scary Stuff! I think I shall go for ombre hair (if I can decide between blonde tips or brown!) failing that, red, failing that, BLACK.

Gavin Rossdale

Posted On November 22, 2010

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So there’s something I hadn’t heard about, Gavin Rossdale had a bit of gay experimentation and didn’t tell Gwen. Never saw that coming! But each to their own of course, as he said, “you have to know what you like.” Know that’s a bit off the topic of fashion but I had a major I HEART GWEN STEFANI phase with ‘Rich Girl’ and ‘What you waiting for’ on her first solo album a few years back… Now it’s turned into me wanting L.A.M.B clothing and Harajuku lovers perfume.

Now listening to a bit of ‘What You Waiting For?’ right now for nostalgia. She was so the first person to recreate Alice in Wonderland from that video! None of this Alice mania that’s around now ’cause of Tim Burton! I do really want to see that film still though in all honesty.

But yeah, serious love for Gwen! I remember really really wanting all her amazing outfits when I was about 12.

I still really do. Plus we have the same b-day soo.. 3rd of October guys!


Posted On November 19, 2010

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Ok, so I know I’ve been awol recently but I am now lots of stressful things are out the way, all I need to do is sit back and wait for uni offers to come in (hint, hint, if Exeter uni is reading this.)

I’m still kind of hoping to re locate to blogger as wordpress isn’t really for the younger fashion bloggers and is more for old people who like to rant and perhaps for people to blog about cake recipes.

So anyway, recently I have bought lots of new clothes as I went away in October to England but unfortunately the only shop I went in was primark. I was really hoping to go to topshop and UO but to no avail. boo.  I bought lots of rings which I hope to take a photograph of when it is actually daylight, unfortunately the fact that it gets dark at around 4 makes that difficult!

My favourite most recent purchase was this deer tshirt from new look.. I really really like the whole forest-animals-on-clothing thing and this was the only deer I could find as ideally I would have wanted a stag jumper from topperz but beggars can’t be choosers… Also it’s the smallest picture ever, sorry. I also have my beady eyes on about 4 coats from new look. I’m not usually a huge fan of buying all new look due to the fact that everyone in Guernsey seems to wear new look only but I’m quite a fan of their coats this winter.

I also love this gorgeous dark green velvet (yes I have a huge velvet obsession) skirt from River Island which absolutely must be in my possession. I am hoping my brother might get it for me for Christmas since I have asked for it very nicely, but he says he can’t be bothered to go through the whole ship2me thing. He is obviously such a scrooge! However I might be doing him a favor on Saturday and going up and buying an 18 rated game since he is only 15… So I may use this as blackmail later if things don’t work out. What a cleverly worked out plan… we shall see when I open my present at Christmas! Or before that if I decide to go feeling presents beforehand. Which I clearly will not do seeing as I am now an adult.



Posted On November 8, 2010

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Ok, so I know I haven’t posted in so long but I have been so busy with other things! It’s mostly uni stuff that I have left far too late… ucas, personal statement… and to be honest I still haven’t made my 5 choices yet. I’ve made 4 so far but I’m still not convinced by the courses. I’m stupidly basing them on what the campus is like… whether they have ensuite rooms and if they have good night life. Oops. The thing is, I could get into a good uni, but I prefer the courses on the others which have modules about creative writing, comparing literature and film… all the fun stuff which I would rather read than Freud and Chaucer in all honesty.

So I guess I will just see what the outcome is when Friday rolls round and I have to give in my application. We shall see! Knowing my luck I will get no offers and have to stay on Guernsey, but I have recently decided that I will go to Australia by myself if it comes to that because quite frankly, I am not staying on this island for much longer! I don’t know how people are going to survive if they stay here and work instead of travelling or uni or whatever. I would actually go insane. The people annoy me at times, the shopping restrictions annoy me, the fact that everyone knows everyone annoys me… I could go on. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and family but yeahhh. Enough ramble for one day 🙂

Katy Perry nails

Posted On October 19, 2010

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Yes, it’s been about two weeks since I last posted but I have been too busy (lazy) to update, not that anyone really looks at this but hey.

As I’ve been sewing a portrait of Katy Perry, (I’ll post a photo when I’m done) I’ve found out about her love for nail art. I have of course seen the little Russell Brand pictures that she had stuck on, but have also seen lace tipped nails, leopard print nails, oompa loompas… the list goes on.

So after having seeing these lovely designs, I thought that I would try something out for myself! I decided on strawberry nails to brighten up my outfit, the green colour isn’t ideal (my brother commented that it looked like I’d dipped my nails in gunge.) But I think that the white actually works quite well instead of the usual yellow pips.


Posted On October 6, 2010

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I was hoping to be updating more frequently but unfortunately have had a bit of bloggers block as of late! It’s also been a bit busy what with my 18th (I’m hoping to do an ’18 post’ soon but want to take photos and the weather is rubbish) and also with my driving test tomorrow! I’m really hoping that I pass (obviously) since I have been driving for about a year, and also because my instructor just told me that the mean examiner is actually on holiday. So hopefully this means that I am in with a better chance of passing, it’s not that my driving is terrible, (ahem) I just have difficulty reversing…

Anyway, I know this photo quality is awful (taken in the dark) but I have been wanting to mention these shoes for a while now. They were in the sale, £50 down to £23, and I loved them when they were full price but now I have them I can’t pluck up the courage to wear them! They are so so high that I am literally scared of breaking my ankle, so they are obviously a bit inappropriate for school. But at the same time, I can’t wear them to go out really because of the colour, I’m more of a ‘black for evening’ kind of person.

That being said, I really like the fact that they are wooden heeled and I also think that paired with socks they look bang on trend for this autumn. I’m more keen on long, knee length socks at the moment because I think that the ankle socks that everyone seems to be wearing can sometimes give the appearance of short, stumpy legs. This is something that I can quite honestly do without seeing as my legs aren’t exactly long!


Posted On September 28, 2010

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Just a quick photo post. I mentioned in the ‘about me’ section of my blog that I would occasionally upload some of my artwork. I’m taking A level art and LOVE it, I wish I could study it at uni but it’s a bit impractical so I’ve decided on English Literature instead.. .So anyway this is a sketch I did of Kurt Cobain last week. I’m really pleased with it but it took me a few hours to do!

Guernsey Arts&Crafts Fayre

Posted On September 27, 2010

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So last Friday my mother and I went to the arts and crafts fayre at Beau Sejour to have a little nose around. To be honest, I didn’t really expect much, it is Guernsey after all. But I was pleasantly surprised! There were first some food stalls selling fudge and curry (of all things) when you first walk in, then when you got inside there was lots of other stalls. These included lots of jewellery stands, crystal nail files, (yes, I did buy one) and then other things like photography, woodwork and other fair trade type things.

I ended up buying not one but THREE berets. It’s been arranged that I paid for one then and then my family will give me another one for my birthday (18 this Sunday!) And then another for Christmas. The other two colours are a darkish red and a mustard yellow. FYI I wouldn’t actually wear a beret like this, it’s just so you can see the little top bit. It’s also grey, I didn’t mention that before.

The other things I bought were some really unusual rings for £1 each, I’m not sure how long they will last before the beads get caught on something but for now I think they are lovely! I got three in a few different sizes and colours. We also decided to get two “lucky bags” which contained a bit of ribbon with a couple of sequins on and then a little bracelet with 3 beads on! Obviously would keep a child happy but we were expecting something a little more substantial for a whole pound.

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